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I'm going to put a wide variety of links on this page - things I find useful or just plain interesting. If you e-mail me something you think will enhance this page, I'll check it out.

Ring Size conversion and calculations:

Online Conversion

Ganoksin is Orchid - THE forum for jewelry makers and enthusiasts around the world


Revere Academy - probably the best jewelry making school around

Revere Academy

This is a fascinating study about modeling the passage of light through diamond. Go to "Cut Study" , then go to #14 or #17 or #18. The rest is interesting too, but those are the ray-traced models.

A paper about Chemistry for Metalsmiths - very popular

Chemistry for Jewelers and Metalsmiths

Someone liked my paper, above, and sent me the following link. Very complete, very interesting, some good for kids. Chemistry, elements, metals, and more:

Metals and The Periodic Table

\How To Make Vulcanized Rubber Molds

Ray-Traced Diamond Models

Interesting History of Ornamental Turning:

Ornamental Turning

Australian Turners: Peninsula Woodturner's Guild

Gem and jewelry calculations. Weights, estimating metals, etc.

Jewelry Calculations

Engravers worth looking at:

Steve Lindsay


Various Aids for Buying Diamonds:

Shapes, colors, famous diamonds: Diamond Shapes

Really Complete Guide to Diamond Buying

Platinum Guild Publications:

Platinum Guild

Minerology, with beautiful photos:



And a minerology page for kids that somone made from the above links, partly:

Encyclopedia of American Silver Marks:

Silver Marks

Huge Forum targeted to retail jewelry buyers. Very informative. Strictly moderated. Good site.


China, Crystal, Silver Patterns. You have to see to believe.

Just a really cool place.

The Crucible

The Metal Arts Guild



Airplanes, airplanes, airplanes: Everything Aviation

I think of guns as mechanisms, not shooting, really: World-Guns

You'll think this is silly, but I don't think there's anything in the world related to plumbing they don't have, plus knowlege. Look, you'll see: Everything Plumbing

Library & Information Technology Association

Everything about everything: RefDesk VirtualRef

Online Translation: Babelfish

Internet Art Gateway: Art Resources

Every time you think you want to forward that message about people blowing up in public - "It's true, my friend saw it!", go here first: Urban Legends

Go to the Google Home page (not the search box, the home page), type "asshole" in the box, and hit, "I'm Feeling Lucky". It's clean, just an homage to Dubya.

Library of Congress

Chemistry and Science:


Interactive Periodic Table

Hubble Space Telescope

JPL Photo Database

EVERYTHING about Orchids: OrchidSpecies
Six Degrees of Separation for Rock and Roll: Rock Family Tree
The BEST streaming Classical Music 24/7 - XLNC
Probably the biggest collection of recipes from real people online:
Everthing anybody needs to know about film and cinema. VAST resources: Internet Movie Database
35,000,000 Rare and Used Books: Biblio
Calculate geometric shapes in many ways: Geometry Calculator
Converters and Calculators: Calculator Calculator
Spot Metal Prices Kitco
1800 Antique Dealers from 29 Countries. Art, jewelry, furniture - many thousands of items. Cool place for browsing: Go Antiques

And a Couple of Our Retail Friends: In Union Square, San Francisco Cresalia Jewelers

On Upper Polk, more of a Jewelry Gallery: Velvet da Vinci